An Update From Our Team

With a new year approaching, we’re excited to announce a new restaurant concept will be following suit! To prepare for the transition, we have closed our doors as of Sunday, November 15th.  

Our Zazios team has spent the past 16 years making memories, celebrating, and most importantly, learning how we can best serve you - and we’ve loved every minute of it! While it is always sad to close one chapter, we are passionate about taking our experiences with you over the years and applying it to a brand new restaurant with a brand new concept in the year 2021. 

Our team will be temporarily shifting upstairs to continue collaboration with Webster’s Prime beginning November 17, 2020. To ensure we continue to serve you, our local and traveling guests, Webster’s Prime will be featuring a steak, seafood, and grill focused menu. You will continue to see some Zazios favorites still available on the menu! View the menu, here.  

During the development of the new restaurant concept and this transition, we will be keeping three priorities top of mind:  
- Guest Feedback: We listened to your feedback, we’re continuing to listen to your feedback, and it’s about time we use it in a big way! 
- Consistency: Both Webster’s Prime and Zazios share a common core value - consistency in offering a world class dining experience - and we promise to keep that top of mind.  
- Communication: There’s been a lot of change in 2020, and it can be hard to keep up. We are dedicated to keeping you in the know of what’s currently being offered, and what’s on the horizon.  

We look forward to beginning a new chapter with you in the new restaurant during the Summer of 2021. Cheers! 


- Your Zazios Team

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Inspired by the richness and diversity of flavors from around the world, we infuse our love for our little corner of the globe with rich, worldly flavors to create tempting local interpretations of global fare.

A beautiful redesigned dining room rich in vibrant hues and interesting textures accentuates our fresh approach to food and creates an energetic and entertaining setting.


Radisson Plaza Hotel
1st Floor
100 W. Michigan Ave.
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